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If you are planning a special event, you want to ensure that everything goes according to plan starting by finding the best venues in Orange County, CA. Whether you are having a special birthday, golden anniversary, or a casual business meeting, the venue needs to be just right. The perfect venue needs to be adaptable to suit a wide variety of needs. Finding the right venue means a place for future banquets, award ceremonies, even weddings. It stands to reasons that people have high expectations for Orange County event venues, they want the best and there is no reason they should not get it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the Envy Lounge has grown into one of the more popular venues in the area.

Centrally located in Orange County off MacArthur Blvd, just down the street from the John Wayne Airport, Envy Lounge is reminiscent of early Hollywood glitz and glamor in true Great Gatsby style. Gold and deep blue velvet sofas, luxurious crystal lighting, and heavy velvet drapery evoke sophisticated party elegance.

Private cabanas line the perimeter of the lounge for intimate gatherings, and open sofa seating is featured indoor and outdoor. The 4,000 square foot lounge can accommodate 400 guests with lounge seating or 600 guests with furniture removed. The venue features: a 60 foot long bar; two levels of indoor lounge seating; 5 cabanas that seat up to 15 people each; a 1000 square foot outdoor patio with bar and lounge seating, a DJ booth, and a 300 square foot 3D screen for video projection.

Envy Lounge is ideal for parties, corporate events, wedding receptions, fashion shows, Christmas parties, poker events, proms, etc. Food and beverage menus can be designed specially for your event. We offer full audio/visual capabilities and happy to accommodate your event planning needs to ensure that your special event is a success.

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Where Are The Best Venues In Orange County  

If you have been searching for Orange County venues for a party, reception, or banquet, you have seen there is no shortage. However, can you say for certain that you will get the best experience from those venues? What is one of the most important aspects you are looking for in Orange County venues for rent? Are you looking for a venue that is going to offer you the highest in elegance? Perhaps one that guests will not stop talking about? An area where one can lounge inside or out? Maybe you want all of the above and you should receive it! This is your special event. If you look at many of the lounges in Orange County, they can only cater to one thing and do not have the ability to give you everything you desire. Once again this is your event and you should not be limited.

When you arrive here you will be amazed by the glorious 4,000 square feet of lounge space, all of which can be customized to your specifications. Whether you need to fill it with 1000 pink balloons for a birthday or tone it down for a business meeting. Included is a world-class kitchen that has the ability to create stunning dishes for a reception or full course meals for a banquet.

In addition, the Envy Lounge has the ability to open up for 400 guests if lounge seating is used. We can also remove much of the conventional furniture and open up the area to 600 guests. There is plenty of room for the largest office party or wedding. With the full crystal lighting in swing, it creates a moment that will be set miles apart from what any of the other local venues could establish.

In fact, many cannot even compete with the Envy Lounge. We take the time to look at the details that will make your event one shine.

Orange County venues for rent where the Details Matter

While there are many Orange County banquet venues, are any of them able to pull ut all the stops with two levels of indoor lounge seating? There are beautiful cabanas available where the festivities can become a little more intimate and quiet. People have very specific dreams about their weddings or a certain birthday, but feel as though those dreams are out of reach. However, the Envy Lounge is capable of making those dreams come to life and turn them into lifelong memories.

Our full-service staff is available to work with your wedding or special event planner to ensure that you have the perfect day. Our staff and building are more than capable of holding both a wedding and the reception or any other event that you might have in mind. We will take the time to do it right and create a feeling of magic.

What Is It That Makes Envy Lounge the Perfect Orange County Venues for a Party?

There are many fine venues in the Orange County that are capable of holding your event. Unfortunately, they are all carbon copies of one another and have no distinctions. Do you want your event to look like it was born out of a cardboard box? That is what you will get from any other venue in the area. What can they do to take your event to a new level of fun and excitement?

Whereas the Envy Lounge is ready to make your day spectacular! The moment you step inside our facilities, you are going to be overwhelmed by the sense of style that sets us apart from any other venue in Orange County. We can fine tune your birthday or meeting with all the intricate details you hand us.

What Exactly Sets Us Apart from other Orange County Event Venues?

– Room for up to 600 guests

– 4,000 square feet of lounge space

– Incredible staffed kitchen

– Two levels of lounge seating

– A stunning 60 foot fully stocked bar

– A state of the art DJ booth

– Beautiful 1,000 square foot outdoor patio

– Screen & video projector for stunning audio and visuals

There are simply no other locations in Orange County that are capable of keeping up with the level of elegance and style that we provide at the Envy Lounge. We have the ability to create a stunning location for the wedding of your dreams, a fun-filled party, or even a relaxed business meeting. One can see why we are one of the most popular and exciting venues due to our versatility and attention to details.

Grooving With The DJ

As you may know, the DJ is either going to make or break an event. There have been countless birthdays and weddings ruined because the DJ was not up to par. The Envy Lounge provides a state of the art booth where the right DJ can truly show off their talents and not deal in a cumbersome platform. We all know that there cannot be any mistakes for that special dance of the night. When the dance floor is moving, the beats have to keep going. You want a booth and a DJ that is capable of smooth transitions and superior sounds.

An Orange County Event Venue Giving You The World

Many times you want to have an event outdoors but know that good weather is never a guarantee. Here at the Envy Lounge, you can take the party outside as the patio is only a few steps away. It is the perfect location for casual talks and photo ops.

Likewise, if you were enjoying your event outside and the weather takes a turn for the worse, bring the party inside. Our staff will be there to help you pick up the pieces and get the party started. There is no reason you should have to choose just one when we give you both!

Of course, when looking at Orange County venues for rent you may get a sense of sticker shock. We want to offer you amazing flexibility without breaking the bank. We are going to offer up an amazing location full of style and flexibility at an incredible price. There is no need to look any further when we have exactly what you want and more in Orange County.

There is no reason why you need to settle for less when we offer the best. We are here to give you the very best in luxury and style. In fact, our goal is to give you more than you ever expected from a venue. A day or evening at the Envy Lounge is knowing that every detail is going to be cared for and nothing will go wrong.

That is exactly what you can expect when you have your event with us. Call us for a quote and see how we can handle your special event.

Fully Functional Bar Service

On the patio, you will find the exclusive bar that is available to serve your guests a wide selection beers, liquors, and cocktails. The Envy Lounge became famous in part for our 60-foot bar and dazzling bartenders. Regardless of the event, we can provide a drink for every taste.

Your guests will love our line of exclusive cocktails that cannot be found anywhere else. Be sure to try the “The Jackrabbit,” “The Flapper,” or “Bonnie and Clyde.” People not only love the theme of the drinks as it takes them back to another era and time, the love the incredible taste. Having these types of unique drinks at your event is one more way we manage to set ourselves apart and give you something unique.

If you can tell anything about us, it is that we are not dull and boring! How many times have you been to a formal event and just felt out of place? While we strive to keep things elegant, we want you to have fun as well! We offer you an elegant speakeasy theme where you are going to feel relaxed and laid back. It is a time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

This is what sets us apart from so many of the other Orange County meeting venues We are able to bring you the best of both worlds, a world where elegance and relaxation are able to coexist. That type of combination is something you are not going to find anywhere else, especially in Orange County.

Time Is Ticking

People are talking about the Envy Lounge and what they have to say is really good. People are finding that it is getting harder and harder to book for their preferred dates. If you have a special event coming up in the near future, you need to contact us as soon as possible so we can pencil your date in.

The earlier you can get in touch with us, the better your chances of booking for your date.