Best of Orange County’s Wedding Venues

Everything needs to be right on that special day. You’ve found that right one and only special person you want to spend the rest of your life with, so why take a chance on the venue when looking for Orange County event venues! A great wedding venue should be beautiful, it should exude class whether indoors or out, and it needs to be adaptable to meet your special custom needs for that big day. When it comes to meeting the high expectations of Orange County reception areas, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who competes with what Envy Lounge has to offer.

Your #1 Wedding Venue in Orange County, CA

A Cut Above The Rest

When it comes to looking at the many Orange County wedding venues available, you’ll find no shortage of places offering their services. However, that doesn’t mean that they can deliver the best experience. What do you want your venue to be remembered from? Are you looking for elegance? Class? Easy lounging inside or out? All of the above? The truth is that many locations are very pigeon-holed in what they can do and what level of quality they can actually offer.South Orange County Wedding Venues
Our venue features over 4,000 square feet of lounge space, and you have a variety of options in how to optimize your setup to have the type of wedding, reception, or both that you will never forget. The kitchen on-site can handle all your catering needs even for a large wedding, offering an array of small plate dishes and appetizers that will hold up to even the highest of standards.
In addition to this, the unique look of the Envy Lounge allows for plenty of space that can accommodate up to 400 guests if we use lounge seating or up to 600 guests if we remove the conventional furniture and bring in some more conventional seating. In other words, there is plenty of room for all your friends and family to enjoy your wedding under luxurious crystal lighting to bring out that full Great Gatsby effect of luxury and style.
Most places simply can’t compete, and even the ones that can rarely put in the attention to details that makes the difference between very good and great.

The Details Make The Difference

Orange County Wedding VenuesThere are many venues in Orange County for weddings, but how many have two different levels of indoor lounge seating available? How about private cabanas for socializing and schmoozing after the main ceremony? While many people dream about the long full service bar or outdoor patio that would add something special to the day (but which they believe they can never have), they wouldn’t have to dream if they came to us for their wedding needs.
You will find our staff more than willing to work with a wedding planner or coordinator to develop that perfect setup that makes the wedding distinctly yours. Have the ceremony here, the reception, or have both – we’re uniquely set up to provide the full range of services that most couples want for that magical day all in one place.

What Sets Envy Lounge Apart for other Orange County Wedding Venues?

Many of the popular south Orange County wedding venues have plenty to offer, but even the good ones will often begin to look like clones of one another after a while. Do you really want a wedding reception that looks like it could have been cloned right out of a basic wedding magazine? What sets the place apart? Why is it that much better than every single other place that is going to be available?orange county reception venues
Envy Lounge, on the other hand, has plenty to offer for a full wedding party. Aside from an outstanding and unique sense of style that will stand up (and out) compared to any of the other wedding venues Orange County CA has to offer, there are many outstanding details that should make us your choice as the perfect wedding venue for a day where you want everything to go right.

So what sets us apart?

– 4,000 square feet of lounge space
– Room for up to 600 guests
– Fantastic on-site (staffed) kitchen
– A 60 foot long fully stocked bar
– Two different levels of lounge seating
– 1,000 square foot outdoor patio (with bar and lounge seating, if needed)
– A DJ booth
– Screen & video projector and more!
Good luck finding another location that even comes close to being able to match these amenities, and with even half the style and elegance we take pride in providing with the Envy Lounge experience. Add in the versatility of the space and the ability to set up one way for the wedding ceremony and then the ability to change out furniture for a more relaxed and casual reception (if you choose to go the route of having both at the one location) and it’s not hard to see why we are growing in popularity with couples looking for that truly great venue for their special day.

Getting The Best Of Both Worlds

The patio and the indoor lounge help guarantee that on your wedding day you, and the wedding photographer, can enjoy the best of both worlds. Fresh air and sunlight is only a few steps away, and the patio can even feature lounge sitting for long conversations, comfortable socializing, and a variety of options for great wedding photos.
Meanwhile you don’t have to worry if the weather unexpectedly turns or the wind picks up because the style of Envy’s lounge is right inside and provides the type of setting where people can truly be themselves and enjoy the celebration in style. There’s no reason to trade one for the other when you can half both.
The best Orange County wedding venues can offer you flexibility without charging you an arm and a leg, and that’s exactly where Envy sits. We offer you an amazing location, amenities, style & flexibility all for a competitive price. If you’re looking for a truly great Orange County venue, then look no further.
venues in orange county for weddings
Once again, why settle for a second rate location or service when you want the day to be special? We are here to provide the absolute best and to do it with style, elegance, and class that just exudes dignity. “They” might not make places like this anymore, or “they don’t build them like this anymore,” but we do. Because when you want to be able to offer the best of both worlds, you need to be able to know every single detail is taken care of and done right.
That level of style and of care is what we have to offer. Your search of Orange County event venues for weddings will not be complete until you contact us for a quote.

The Convenience Of A DJ Booth

The DJ setup can make or break a good reception, and DJs love the fact that we have an up to date, fully functional, and high quality booth that allows talented DJs to show off their abilities and really deliver the type of show that the wedding party wants. When it’s time for the slow dances or the special dances, you don’t want any mistakes. When the reception hits that special time when the dance floor is full, you don’t want a DJ fumbling around for that next track, you want the transition to be smooth and our booth gives them all the tools they need to make sure that happens.

Full Kitchen Service Available

Our kitchen staff can help you come up with one or two small plates and some appetizers that will wow all of your guests and give them delicious options when it’s time for the reception. Our staff will work with any wedding planner you have and can provide these delicious meals and food as a catering service. Not only can you rest easy knowing the level of quality you can get but you can also cross catering off the list as one more headache you won’t have to deal with.

Full Bar Service Available

There is a beautiful and functional bar out on the patio to serve outdoor patrons, and there is a fully stocked 60 foot long bar indoors that can can serve a wide selection of hard liquor, beer, and mixed drinks. In fact, Envy’s is famous for their cocktails and our bartenders can offer a wide array of cocktails that will meet every taste, every preferred flavor, and really once again add that unique benefit for your wedding reception that you simply will not be able to find any place else.
Your guests will be wowed by Envy club custom cocktails like the “Bonnie and Clyde,” “The Jackrabbit,” or the appropriately named “The Flapper.” There’s something about that speakeasy theme that just really lights up a room and these cocktails will show why the club’s bar is so popular and once again offer something unique on your big special day.
At least not at the same level, and if you aren’t going to choose the day of your wedding to be the perfect day, then when?

Speak-Easy Style & Leisure

Envy Bar & Lounge won’t give off the same basic vibe as most boring but functional wedding venues in Orange County because Envy is not your average venue. Elegance and style only counts for so much if you don’t feel comfortable. Everything in the way Envy is set up goes back to that elegant speak easy theme – a place where people feel comfortable relaxing, socializing, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company.
This feeling is part of what makes it so perfect as a wedding venue or venue for a wedding reception. You get that blend of elegance and formal importance but also a setting that encourages mingling, enjoyment, and relaxation. There is something about that combination that truly makes a celebration memorable.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Our reputation as one of the best Orange County wedding venues is spreading quickly, and it is getting harder and harder for couples to find an open time to book us. Once you know you want a truly special place to hold your wedding, you need to contact us quickly to make sure you get an open spot when you need it.
The earlier the better so you can rest assured that you won’t get beat to your ideal wedding date!

Sitting At A Great Location

Considered by many to be the best bar and lounge in Newport Beach, Envy is located in a central part of Orange County, making it easy to reach from any section of the area. The building is located on MacArthur Blvd, a short drive from the John Wayne Airport. We are easy to find, easy to reach, and in an area of town you can feel good about inviting friends and family to experience.

Contact Us For A Quote

We are happy to provide a free quote after a short consultation to see what you’re looking at as far as venue setup, catering, and other venue related questions to make sure we can deliver you the absolute best ceremony possible. Our venue is one of a kind, and we’d love to be the setting for your big special day.

You have many choices when it comes to finding the perfect Orange County wedding venue

Don’t do yourself a disservice by settling for second rate service at a second rate location on your big day. The memories are what matters most and there’s no denying that the setting has a major impact on how you remember that special day – so why not go all out to make sure it’s one that absolutely everyone remembers?
Please contact us today and let’s set up your wedding at the Envy Lounge for a setting worthy of your truly momentous occasion. Call us at 949-287-8270 to set up a possible reservation or e-mail us to learn about open times or to set up a consultation with us. We look forward to providing you the finest wedding venue you’ll find anywhere in Orange County!