6 Advantages Of Working With Freelancers

52% of companies have decided to allocate more budget to work with freelancers. And you ? Still hesitating to call on self-employed workers?

However, freelancers offer many advantages to VSEs and SMEs. If only by their flexibility… But that’s not all! We give you 8 reasons to strengthen your team with independent service providers:

Make savings

The average cost of employee benefits is estimated to be around 9 USD per hour . With a freelancer, this budget can be distributed differently. Especially since the service invoices can be deducted from your expenses.

In addition, there are no additional expenses for office supplies, training or equipment since, generally, the self-employed use their own equipment.

Have a larger pool of talent

Hiring permanent employees means tapping into a pool of talent limited by your location. On the other hand, if you are considering hiring freelancers, your options are much broader.

In addition, you will be able to find help much faster. Hiring for a permanent position can take months, not to mention the cost of recruiting. Hiring a freelancer can be done in a few days or a few weeks.

Obtain quality work in record time

Freelancers live on their reputation . They are motivated to do a great job and deliver results quickly. Not because they are superhuman, but because that is how they can develop their business.

They know how to adjust their working hours to meet the needs of their clients, even if they are urgent requests. In addition, the more assignments you assign to them, the more comfortable they will be with your working methods.

Optimize human resources management

Another advantage of hiring freelancers: better management of your human resources.

By the nature of their status, freelancers work for and by themselves. They are their own boss and therefore do not need you to manage them. No need to establish their schedule or get into the micro-management of their tasks. They have, above all, an obligation of result. They therefore manage the means to achieve this.

Improve business productivity

In addition to efficiency and expertise, hiring a freelancer allows a small business to focus on what it does best.

You delegate time-consuming tasks or those for which you have no competence to a service provider. This allows your team to focus on what they do best to add value to your business.

Get a fresh look

By dint of having your head in the handlebars, you may lack perspective on your decisions, your offers and your activity. A freelancer will bring a fresh perspective to the project that you entrust to him.

He can bring you new ideas and a more creative perspective to help you move forward.

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